The drafting of the new Penal Code is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice aimed at bringing harmony and modernization to the current national penal legislation, taking into account the frequent amendments made to its content over the years.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Justice organized a consultative meeting with representatives from the most important authorities at the national level.

At this meeting, was invited the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi. He appreciated and supported the Ministry of Justice’s initiative to create a comprehensive regulatory framework in the field of penal legislation that aligns with international standards and European Union legislation.

Particularly, regarding the project for the drafting of the new Penal Code, the Office of the Commissioner has presented several proposals based on a comparative analysis with the penal codes of three countries: Germany, Italy, and France, which all have the same “Civil Law” legal system. This comparative analysis has been conducted while also considering cases from the practice of data protection. The Office of the Commissioner has identified provisions that need to be addressed in the draft of the new penal code. These proposals have been conveyed to the working group, while the Office of the Commissioner remains committed to providing its institutional contribution for the successful completion of the initiative.