The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office participated in the 2nd Case Handling Workshop (CHW). This meeting was organized by the Federal Commissioner for Freedom of Information and Data Protection of Germany, with the participation of representatives from over 20 European counterpart institutions.

The discussions and exchange of experiences in this meeting focused on legal similarities and the oversight of regulatory frameworks, as well as practical cases. Representatives from the Commissioner’s Office presented two highly sensitive issues in Albania: “Effective Proactive Transparency of Public Authorities” and “Public Information in Judicial Cases.” The participants in the meeting had numerous questions regarding these topics. An honorary guest at the event was a representative from the German non-profit organization “Open Knowledge Foundation,” who shared with the attendees the experience of electronic platforms and civil society campaigns aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the right to public information.

The exercise of the right to information by citizens, civil society organizations, and the media has influenced the growth and improvement of public authorities’ accountability over the years. On the other hand, the exchange of experiences in meetings of this nature promotes the expansion of knowledge and practices, aiming to strengthen the culture of transparency.