The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) with the support of the Center for Public Information Issues (CPIS) organized a round table in the framework of the discussions on the drafting of the “Standard Guide to the relationship of the court with the public and media”.


The meeting was attended by Mr. Besnik Dervishi, the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mrs. Marçela Shehu, member of SJC appointed for the media and public relations, judges, experts and media representatives. The Commissioner introduced the attendees to the institutional activity in the supervision of the implementation of the legislation in force in both areas of responsibility on guaranteeing the fundamental rights of citizens.


During this public consultation table, the discussions focused on the recommendations of media representatives to improve this Guide. The goal is to balance its mission of informing the public with integrity and professionalism and the obligation of the courts to provide transparency and legal standards that guarantee human rights and do not censor the work of the media.