The Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi conducted a visit in the United States of America in the context of the Annual Global Summit 2023 of the International Association of Privacy Professionals – IAPP.

On the occasuib of the Data Protection Authorities’ Day, a number of activities were organised dealing with various challenged and sharing of best international experiences in this domain. A meeting of particular importance was held at the Department of Justice with high US officials from the White House, Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Commerce, Office of National Intelligence, etc. and Data Protection Commissioners from several European countries and beyond. The discussions focused on the data protection and privacy laws, strengthening of cooperation and interaction by adopting best state-of-the-art practices, as well as respecting the rights of citizens in line with the technological and economic developments.

Part of the activities of the Data Protection Authorities Day was the reception held by the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Mrs. Lina Khan, intended for high officials participating in the Annual Global Summit of IAPP. The intensification of cooperation in this field was among the main points of discussion, as well as the strengthening of the criteria for a secure cyber/digital environment in the protection of personal data.