The lawful processing of personal data in the digital age is achieved by means of implementing the appropriate measures to ensure the security of devices and systems.

The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner in cooperation with the Albanian Center for Sustainable Development, and the support of the Swiss Embassy in Tirana, organized the second activity in the ambit of the project entitled “Cybersecurity and data protection”. This event focused on higher education institutions (HEIs) and gathered students and professors of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Tirana.

In their opening remarks, the Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi, and Faculty’s Dean, Mr. Spiro Drushku, emphasized the necessity of interaction between different units and structures of public or private controllers in order to guarantee full enjoyment of citizens’ rights in the provision of safe services.


In his presentation, Mr. Emirjon Marku, who is an expert of the domain, introduced the national regulatory framework as illustrated with examples from the practice in the education sector. HEIs are large data controllers based on the type and amount of personal data they process, and the significant number of data subjects involved. Accordingly, it is important highlighting that the adoption of appropriate technical-organisational measures, and ensuring a secure digital/cyber environment, helps prevent or minimise breaches to personal data. Another important topic dealt with was the contribution of HEIs to develop interdisciplinary content and new methodologies for learning processes or in their curricula, both within the educational structure and in cooperation with other parties/actors in the field of the protection of personal data. The Commissioner’s Office has in place a traditional cooperation with public and private universities generally in terms of raising the awareness of the young generations, and particularly in promoting education for the preparation of future professionals.