January 28 is Personal Data Protection Day and is known worldwide as Privacy Day.

Recognizing, raising awareness and overall promotion of the basic rights and freedoms of the individual is one of the main tasks of public authorities for strengthening civic awareness. A healthy democratic society cannot be understood without a continuous educational process for the cultivation of culture in the practical exercise of these rights. In this context, and especially considering technological progress and digitalization, the protection of personal data is very important and fundamental to the sustainable development of the economy. This approach aims to increase accountability in both the public and private spheres for the provision of quality, safe and transparent services.

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, as part of the activities for the Personal Data Protection Week, prepared a video and an electronic poster. These awareness-raising materials were distributed to central public (controlling) authorities and subordinate, independent or local self-government authorities to be published on official websites, as well as public and private media entities to be broadcast on audiovisual channels.


At the same time, the Commissioner’s Office prepared and distributed on social platforms/networks a poster focusing on young people for their awareness on the safe use of Internet.

On January 28, 1981, the Council of Europe adopted Convention 108 “On the protection of individuals with regard to the automatic processing of personal data”. Our country has included this document in the national legislation, with the approval of law no. 9288/2004. The Convention was modernized in May 2018 (Convention 108+) with the approval of CETS Protocol No. 223, which was signed on January 28, 2022 by Albania as well and has become part of the national legislation through law no. 49/2022.