Guaranteeing the basic rights and freedoms of citizens is an obligation and responsibility both in the public sphere of social and economic activity, as well as in the private one.

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi, Director of the Institute of Deaf Students, Mrs. Orjola Idrizi and the Director of the Institute of Students who do not see “Ramazan Kabashi”, Mr. Emiliano Lule, signed the Institutional Cooperation Agreement. This document aims to promote access to public information and the protection of personal data for these communities, as well as to raise awareness of the practical exercise of these rights.

In the ceremony organized on this occasion, were present representatives of the National Human Rights Institutions, the Ombudsman and the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination. In his welcoming speech, Commissioner Dervishi assessed that this cooperation is an important step in the inclusion of these communities in good governance, for strengthening individual independence and guaranteeing equality before the law.

The object of the agreement is the institutionalization of cooperation and interaction on issues affecting the object of activity of the three parties, engaging, among other things, in handling the cases of individuals belonging to these communities in relation to the activity of public administration bodies or private entities , in the optics of the area of responsibility of the Commissioner’s Office; increasing recognition and awareness in order to effectively exercise basic human rights; proposing initiatives for regulatory changes to increase the quality of services for these communities. Also, the document foresees the organization of trainings for strengthening administrative capacities; the development of joint activities for the promotion of the exercise of these rights; the exchange of knowledge and new practices in these two fields; as well as engaging in the design and production of awareness materials such as video/audio, leaflets, brochures, etc., for these communities.