Acquaintance of basic rights and freedoms by the younger generation is one of the most efficient ways to cultivate and expand the culture of exercising them in practice.

At the invitation of the Mediterranean University of Albania, the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi held an open lecture for students and academic staff of the Faculty of Legal Sciences and International Relations. In this event, a history of the evolution of the legislation for both areas of the institution’s responsibility was presented, where the attendees were introduced to its role, functions and activity within the framework of monitoring and supervision of the regulatory framework. Of interest to the students was the handling of issues related to the protection of personal data in the digital age, where it is important to inform citizens of their rights from controllers/processors. On the other hand, through examples from practice, concrete advice was offered for their behavior in the function of privacy protection. In this open lecture, the Commissioner also spoke with regard to the field of the right to information, on strengthening the proactive transparency of public authorities, their accountability and integrity in function of the greatest participation of citizens in good governance.

Consolidated cooperation with higher education institutions (HEI), public and private, is one of the main directions of awareness initiatives of the Commissioner’s Office, which are developed periodically.