The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, in the last two weeks of September 2022, has actively participated in a series of meetings in Brussels, within the process of the country’s integration into the European Union.

On September 27th, in the Capital of Belgium, was organized a meeting under Chapter 23 “Judiciary and fundamental rights”. The Albanian delegation was led by the Minister of State and Chief Negotiator, Mrs. Majlinda Dhuka, whereas the Commissioner’s Office was represented by Mrs. Pjerina Gaxha, General Directior of Personal Data Protection.

In addition, on September 12th and 13th, Mr. Besnik Dervishi, the Commissioner, participated in the meeting of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). The EDPB is the responsible EU body in charge of coherent application of the legal framework on this area, known as GDPR, with regard to the problems encountered through its implementation in practice in all member countries.

Furthermore, the Commissioner’s Office attended in Brussels, two more meetings as part of the opening of accession negotiations with the EU. Accordingly, first report under Chapter 24th has been delivered by our representative, Mrs. Blerta Xhako, Legal Affairs and Integration Department, whereas another report in the ambit of this screening process on the Public Administration Reform was delivered by Mrs. Elona Hoxhaj, General Director on the Right to Information.


The Commissioner’s Office is committed to meeting its obligations stemming from the EU accession negotiations.