The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Officer in co-operation with the Embassy of the United Kingdom held in the city of Kukës the forth event within the “Transparency Days” with public authorities of this district. This event aimed at assessing the progress of the implementation of Law 119/2014 “On the right to information” aiming at guaranteeing this right and promoting proactive transparency and accountability of public institutions.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Elona Hoxhaj, General Director of the General Directorate for the Right to Information, Mr. Alastair King-Smith, Ambassador of Great Britain in Albania, Mr. Ali Hallaçi, District Prefect, Mr. Safet Gjici, Mayor of Kukës Municipality, as well as Office Holders/representatives of local self-government units, justice system institutions, regional structures of subordinate institutions and their coordinators for the right to information.

The fulfillment of regulatory obligations in this field is an improving factor for increasing the quality of services that these public authorities offer to citizens. From periodic monitoring and analysis of the situation, the Commissioner’s Office finds the necessity for greater effectiveness in updating the Transparency Program and the Register of Requests and Responses, in all their constituent elements. In the meeting, the coordinators were asked to commit to increasing the quality in the process of handling requests for information from citizens or interest groups, as well as guaranteeing constant cooperation with them to strengthen the culture of transparency.

The Commissioner’s Office staff distributed awareness-raising materials for the citizens on the practical exercise of the right to information, at several information stands.