Strengthening the co-operation between the authorities of personal data protection of Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro was the purpose of holding this meeting in Pristina.

The host of the first activity was the Information and Privacy Agency of Kosovo, represented by the Commissioner of this institution, Ms. Krenare Sogojeva-Dërmaku. Meanwhile, other participants in the activity were Ms. Besa Velaj, Chief of Staff of the IDP Commissioner’s Office; Mr. Muhamed Gjokaj, President of Council at Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to the Right to Information of Montenegro and Ms. Leonora Kadriji, Secretary General of the Agency for Personal Data Protection of North Macedonia.

The discussions of the attendees focused on exchanging the best practices in the domain of personal data protection and description of handling concrete cases related to the sector of security, health, education or telecommunication. In this meeting, it was also paid attention to the process of aligning the national legislation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the implementation of the most modern European standards for citizens in each state of the region. At the same time, the delegations assessed all opportunities for strengthening inter-institutional co-operation, exchanges experiences and staff, as well as addressing the common problems identified and challenges with regard to respecting this fundamental right and freedom.


Heads of delegations were received in a special meeting by the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mr. Glauk Konjufca. In this meeting, it was emphasized the importance of the field of personal data protection, balancing the respect for this right with sustainable economic and social development, and there were also evaluated the efforts to increase the security level in the face of technological developments and the digital globalization of information exchange.