The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office has been selected as the host authority of the 15th edition of the International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC), which will be held in 2024. At the Closed Session of this year’s Conference held in Puebla, Mexico, ICIC members unanimously voted in favour of the Executive Committee’s proposal.

Entrusting the Commissioner’s Office with this importance task shall ultimately promote the culture of transparency and good governance in Albania and beyond in the region. On the other hand, the 2024 ICIC Conference taking place in Albania entails a strong symbolism for a country where the public administration’s secrecy has deep roots and efforts are being made to promote an open society, thanks to the joint synergies of the supervisory authority, the CSOs, the media and the general public. The 15th edition of the ICIC bears particular important in the context of the delivery of the policy objectives of the organization, while ensuring steady links with previous editions of the Conference, and inclusion of its membership.

The experience gained in hosting major global events, such as the Global Privacy Assembly 2019, favour the capacity of the IDP Commissioner’s Office, which is a small institution but very dynamic. ICIC 2024 shall not only serve to promote the country and its hospitality, but also the engagement to strengthen the enforcement of a fundamental human right and enhance the transparency of the public authorities.