The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Officer in co-operation with the Embassy of the United Kingdom held in the city of Berat the third event within the “Transparency Days” initiative targeting public institutions of this district. Upholding the right to access public information/documents produced and held by public authorities through encouraging proactive transparency improves significantly the provision of services to the citizens.

The activity featured keynote speeches by the Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi, the Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Ms. Mia Marzouk, the District Prefect, Ms. Valbona Zylyftari, whereas the audience comprised senior officials and representatives from various local self-governance units, justice institutions, regional structures of subordinate bodies and RTI coordinators.

Discussions focused on the evaluation of these institutions’ conformance with the requirements of the Law No. 119/2014 “On the Right to Information”. The analysis and assessment of the situation made by the Commissioner’s Office indicates that further efforts are needed by these institutions in terms of continuously updating their Transparency Programmes and Registers of Requests and Responds. On the other hand, more engagement was requested from RTI coordinators in improving the information requests’ handling processes, in close and steady co-operation with the citizens and interested parties, so as to strengthen the culture of transparency.