The Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi held a meeting with Ms. Elisa Spiropali, Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament. The meeting focused on strengthening the support for the most effective guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens by means of the implementation of the legislation applicable.

The Commissioner and his staff introduced an overview of the regulatory framework for the domains wherein the Commissioner’s Officer exercises its activity, both the existing one and the work for its modernization. With regard to the latter, the modalities for strengthening the co-operation with the institutions responsible were discussed in order to accelerate the process of changes in legislation, harmonized with the most contemporary European standards.

Moreover, during the meeting there were also were discussed issues related to strengthening the administrative capacity of the authority, in order to address problems identified over the years and to respond to economic and social development. At the same time, the cooperation initiatives for the consolidation of the culture of transparency and accountability of the Public Authorities were appreciated, in order to constituently improve service provisions to the citizens and guarantee the participation of citizens in good governance.