In the framework of the integration process for accession to the European Union, on 23 May 2022, the consulting meeting entitled “Preparing the Bilateral Screening” was held.

With the participation of Mr. Zef Mazi, Chief Negotiator and representative from various central, subordinate and independent institutions, included in the Negotiating team, the activity aimed at exercising/simulating a negotiation session with European Union officials. Taking into account that this is a very complex and long process, the workshop aimed at increasing communication skills and strengthening the interaction of the Negotiating Team. The Commissioner’s Office was selected as one of the main introducers in this simulation, wherein the current situation and in particular the activity for the modernization of the legislation of ambits of thereof were introduced according to the most modern European standards. The participants appreciated the contribution of the Commissioner’s Office and exchanged ideas in order to further improve the performance of the Albanian Negotiating Team.

The meeting was part of the Twinning Project “Support to the EU integration process of Albania”.