The Information and Data Protection Commissioner held the meeting “Introducing the results of the Questionnaire on the assessment of knowledge of public authorities related to the right of personal data protection”.

This activity was attended by 100 representatives and personal data protection officers from central, independent and local self-government institutions. This Questionnaire was launched in January, as an initiative of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office in the framework of January 28, the International Data Protection Day. By means of this questionnaire, the Commissioner’s Office was provided with a broad overview of the level of administration knowledge regarding the guarantee of the right to personal data protection by public controllers as a constitutional right. Moreover, the Questionnaire aims at assessing the implementation of the legal framework obligations in force related to the processing of personal data of citizens.

In his welcoming speech, the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi stressed that “providing online services and the development of technology, impose a complete and structured reform in this field as well”. The first step is the modernization of legislation, a process which will be completed within this year. Moreover, education with the principles of personal data protection is also important, where the Commissioner’s Office aims at integrating them into the education system of our country.”


The results of the Questionnaire were presented by the General Director of Personal Data Protection, Ms Pjerina Gaxha. The Commissioner’s Office ascertained that the level of knowledge on legislation is not adequate and in particular requires an increased attention for professional growth through continues training. During the activity, a presentation on “Personal Data Protection Officer” was also introduced, which is a function that with the new legislation in this field will have a specific role within the structure of public authorities and private controllers that collect and process data.

The results of the questionnaire can be found in the link: