The Information and Data Protection Commissioner, in cooperation with the German Association of Industry and Trade in Albania (DIHA), held a workshop on “The right to information and protection of personal data in the business field”. The participants in this activity were representatives from entities/member companies of this organization, which exercise their activity in various fields and sectors of the economy.

As two fundamental rights and constitutional freedoms, they are guaranteed by a contemporary regulatory framework, based on European legislative practices. The participants were introduced with the role, functions and competencies of the Commissioner’s Office and the main directions of the supervisory activity as well. The right to information and the protection of personal data are based on the principles of ethics, accountability, integrity and transparency. Public authorities and public and private controllers have specific regulatory obligations to fulfil in order to facilitate the exercising of these rights by citizens in practice.

Proactive transparency of public institutions is one of the main directions for a dynamic administration. Meanwhile, the necessary technical-organizational measures for the secure processing of personal data are even more necessary in the digital age we are living in. These standards promote and strengthen citizens’ trust in receiving quality and in time services.

The workshop was co-chaired by the representative of the Commissioner’s Office, Ms Besa Velaj, Chief of Staff.