Proactive transparency of Public Authorities accounts for factors that guarantee the right to access to public information, impacting on the consolidation of a dynamic administration in providing services.

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office started to implement “Transparency Day” initiative in Lezha. The meeting was attended by the Prefect of Lezha district, Mr. Gjokë Jaku, Mayor of Lezha, Mr. Pjerin Ndreu, directors and representatives of the local self-government units of this district, of the regional directorates of central and subordinate institutions and their coordinators on the right to information. The culture of transparency is strengthened not only by fulfilling regulatory requirements, but also through effective cooperation with citizens and civil society organizations.

The implementation progress of Law no.119/2014 “On the right to information” by the Public Authorities was the focus of the meeting. Based on monitoring and situation analysis, the Commissioner’s Office considers that a new spirit is required for the periodic updates of the Transparency Programme and the Register of Requests and Responses, in particular, on budget expenditures, public procurement procedures or audits. In the meanwhile, the coordinators were requested to improve the quality related to the process of handling information requests for citizens or interest groups.

The Commissioner’s Office will proceed to implement this project in all district centre municipalities during the year 2022.