The University of Passau Faculty of Law’s Research Center for Law and Digitalisation – “FREDI” held a discussion event on the personal data protection regulatory framework in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia).

This event held online gathered representatives from relevant supervisory authorities, civil society organisation, and various industry sectors, the academia, researchers and students. The Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office was represented at this event with Mrs. Besa Velaj, Director of Cabinet. Discussions focused on the process of modernisation of personal data protection legislation by virtue of full alignment with the GDPR and the DP Law Enforcement Directive, and the relevant economic impact. Attendees were also introduced with the role and activities of the Commissioner’s Office with respect to effective oversight of the applicable legislation over the last years, or its efforts in raising civic awareness on the exercise of their rights in practice.

Through this event, the University of Passau aimed at identifying and comparing regional and national approaches in terms of the regulatory framework in this domain, and the efforts made to achieve modernisation following the European model.