The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner participated in the 43rd edition of the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA), held on 18-21 October and hosted by the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI).

The Closed Session capacity building panel with focus on the international enforcement coordination featured representatives from the Regulatory Authorities of the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Hong Kong and Ghana, and on behalf of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office of Albania intervened Ms. Besa Velaj, Chief of Staff. Ms. Velaj discussed the experience of our Office with the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali) in conducting joint investigations with focus on the effective enforcement of data protection rights. The panelists intervening at the panel session discussed the experiences brought forward, and also stressed that bilateral or multilateral enforcement cooperation is key to addressing challenges inherent in the economic development, even more so in the context of the rapid technological developments over the last decades.