Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office held the sixth open webinar as part of the Twinning Project “Institution-building for alignment of the legislation on personal data protection with the EU acquis”.

More than 50 participants from public and private institutions that exercise their duty in the banking/financial sector and telecommunication sector as well took part in this webinar (dissemination event). This webinar focused on introducing the new legislation on personal data protection aligned with the General Directive of Data Protection (GDPR) and Police Directive and its conjunction with the activities in these sectors. As two of the largest and most influential sectors in the process of processing personal data of citizens, more attention should be paid to information security systems, at the same time, with the technological improvements in providing services. With the entry into force of the new legislation, respecting human rights will be even more complete and in line with the development of these sectors of economy.

The trainers in this activity were experts from “Ludwig Boltzmann” Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights, CSI Piemonte, Italy and representatives of the Commissioner’s Office.