The Project entitles “Improving the openness and accountability of the governments of the Western Balkans through the development of effective strategic communications” represents an initiative, in the merit of which is the increase of accountability and transparency of the Albanian public authorities.

The Project is run by the Government Communications Service International (GCSI), part of the UK Cabinet Office, and supported by the British Embassy and the Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office. The first event held in this ambit was a roundtable gathering Right to Information Coordinators of 20 central/subordinate, and independent institutions.

This project aims at providing support to Public Authorities to respond proactively and effectively to access to information requests. Its first event focused on providing insight on the current situation and development of effective strategic communications so that rights and obligations on access to information are ensured for the citizens, civil society organisations and the media. Discussions focused on key issues, such as institutional strategic communication practices of public authorities, strengthening the role of the coordinator of the right to information within institutional structures and the continuous training thereof.