The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner concluded the activities under the component “Strengthening the capacity to implement the legal framework on personal data protection“, part of the Twinning Project “Institution-building for alignment with the Union acquis on the protection of personal data”. A virtual study tour of 4 days was conducted with institutions implementing the Project: the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali), the “Ludwig Boltzmann” Austrian Institute of human rights (BIM), CSI-Piedmont in Italy and the Commissioner’s Office.

In the first two days, the activity focused on the history of the establishment, the role and functions of the Italian counterpart authority – especially the tasks of the department of information technology, and the powers and organization of the administrative investigation. In addition to it, several further topics were discussed, including “privacy versus data protection“, media and social networks, telecommunications and marketing sector, as well as cyberbullying. In the second half of the event, the focus lied on the Austrian experience in enforcing personal data protection legislation. The speakers addressing the event were renowned experts of the field from justice and interior affairs ministries as well as supreme administrative and federal courts. The relevant case law and decision-making was introduced by medium of practical cases, with emphasis on increasing the accountability of controllers/processors.

Further in the context of the Twinning Project, the Commissioner’s Office will hold in July 2021, 4 webinars with representatives of public institutions, private entities or civil society organizations and the media, aiming at introducing these target groups with the new personal data protection law.