The Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner launched the second phase of the implementation of the Twinning Project “Institution-building for alignment with the EU acquis on the protection of personal data”.

Under this component, the Twinning Project anticipates strengthening of institutional capacities hand in hand with the process of the newly aligned data protection national legislation with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Police Directive. In order to meet the objectives under this component, namely on training the trainers, the project shall focus on three elements:

· Informing the IDP staff on the new legislation;
· Increasing the institution’s capacity on the management of the regulatory framework;
· Exchange of know-how and best practices with EU counterpart authorities.

The training addressed several important aspects such as the new data protection legislation; accountability and responsibility during data processing; risk assessment on violation of privacy or particular roles of personal data processing and division of liabilities within the organization/institution. Moreover, the role and functions of the data protection officer were dealt with; privacy principles according to privacy by design and by default; as well as raising awareness on the importance of the register of processing activities.

The training was lectured by representatives holding many years of experience in this field from the Twinning Project implementing bodies such as the Italian Data Protection Authority, CSI Piemonte and other partners. Training sessions with the Commissioner’s Office staff are scheduled to be held up to the end of June 2021.