The Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner is mindful of the importance of a steady transparency and information provision to public opinion by competent Public Authorities vis-à-vis the Covid-19 situation in Albania.

Nevertheless, the Commissioner’s Office calls on all printed, audio-visual and online media entities, as well as any other public or private entity to ensure that human dignity and private life of citizens are duly respected in the ambit of their missions of public information. Law No. 9887/2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data” guarantees higher level of protection for citizens’ health related data, by medium of classifying them as sensitive data. According to the Law, all the aforementioned entities are personal data controllers or processors and as such they must abide by the legal provisions and the sublegal acts of the Commissioner.

In respect of the situation created and the prevention measures adopted in this ambit, the Office of the Commissioner invites citizens to file their complaints in relation to data protection and right to information only via electronic means at our official email address: