On the Data Protection Day, the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in collaboration with the ICT “Hermann Gmeiner” Professional High School organized “Youth and privacy” competition.

The activity was held at the Protik innovation Center. Honorable guest were the Vice Speaker of the Parliament of Albania, Ms. Vasilika Hysi; The Head of Mission of Austria in Albania, Mr. Christian Steiner; Deputy Head of the Council of Europe Office in Tirana, Mr. Olsi Dekovi; EU delegation representative, Mr. Aurelien Juliard; representatives of state institutions, etc.

10 student groups from the third and fourth academic year introduced application projects, whereas privacy policies were the main element of evaluation by a professional jury. In the framework of preparations for these app projects, the Commissioner’s Office and the school personnel held training in the course of January 2020 in order to provide information on privacy and data protection principles. The winning app project was announced “StudentGuard”, introduced by Klara Rapo, Josif Çarka, Kledion Nito and Sindis Kote. This app project consists of a monitoring system on attending classes to inform parents. Other app projects included several fields such as: management of personal finances or business; safe navigation online; online shopping; management of health data or keeping track of food diet; email check; vehicle license plates or their parking.

National authorities of the Member States of the European Union and Council of Europe organize various awareness activities for citizens on 28 January, known worldwide as the Privacy Day.