The Executive Committee of the Global Privacy Assembly (formerly the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners – ICDPPC) has called on all the organization membership for solidarity and support for the people, country and the Office of the Commissioner after the earthquake of 26 November 2019.

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Dear Sir, Dear Madam, (Members and Observers)
Many of you will by now have heard the terrible news of the earthquake which hit Albania. It seems incredible to think we were all so recently in Tirana under such happy circumstances.
But now our host Information Commissioner Besnik Dervishi and his colleagues who welcomed us so graciously must face the challenge of getting on with life in Tirana, where lives have been lost and infrastructure damaged.
This will be a challenging time for Albania and the IDP, but as GPA colleagues we can show our support in many ways. I know that many of you have like me been in touch directly with Besnik and his office, to enquire about staff welfare. As the Chair of the Executive Committee, the ICO will assist the IDP in any way we can to ensure the continuity of their contribution to the Executive Committee as the immediate past conference hosts. Additionally, we are aware of ways to support through donations, on behalf of international charities and the Albanian government, to contribute to the relief and rebuilding efforts and more information about those are easily accessible on the Internet. The IDP Commissioner’s Office has informed us that if you would like to donate or receive further information, please contact
As a global community we stand in support and solidarity with our IDP colleagues in Albania.
And we all remember with great appreciation our wonderful time together in the beautiful sun of Tirana and the equally warm Albanian hospitality.
Kind regards,
Elizabeth Denham CBE, Chair of the Global Privacy Assembly and the Executive Committee.
The Secretariat.