Dear all,

We came to the end of the Conference, but we are at the start as far as the decision-making process, development policies, opinions and milestones discussed and set during this Conference, are concerned.

All I can do, is to address my special thanks to all of you for attending this Conference;

A special acknowledgment (with the hope to have not disappointed them) goes to those who trusted us the organization of the Conference:

  • The Executive Committee that assigned the hosting of the Conference, back then chaired by Mr. John Edwards;
  • The current Executive Committee under the lead of Mrs. Elisabeth Denham (CBE) and especially the Secretariat for its amazing and tireless work;
  • The Programme Advisory Committee;
  • All the Speakers and Moderators;
  • All industry, civil society, academia, media, and the regulators’ representatives.

I also want to extend my special thanks to our Donors and Partners, both international and local who supported the organization of this Conference.

Further I want to warmly thank the Albanian Parliament, the Albanian Government and all the national institutions that made possible a smooth organization of this Conference.

Special thanks go to our technical staff for their support, to the staff engaged in the arrangement of different services to the benefit of the Conference,

And I would kindly request here a long applause for our interpreters;

I want to thank and have by my side Ols Lafe, our Master of Ceremony.

My special thanks go to the Albanian State Stewardship personnel that welcomed us, during the Conference week, leaded by Dhurata, my friend of many battles.

Last but not least I want to say some words for all those, who during the last months shared with me, the responsibility of the planning of the Conference, the tiredness and work pressure: the staff of the Office of the Commissioner.

Denada and Alketa, Redi and Segi, Malvina, Meri, Eldi, Blerta, Elinda, Andri, Pamela, Erald, Pjerina, Beni, Neritan, Irma, Eneida, Lindita, Edrin, Elda, Besa, Merisa, Enida, Amarilda, Margen, Entela, Eldor, and all the rest of the people that time doesn’t allow to mention here.

Many have asked me: why did you apply for this Conference? And how could you convince the ExCo to entrust you the hosting of this great event?

  • I believe the recipe was our strong commitment, our spirit of initiative, and hard, hard work. This is maybe that moment when we should also apologize to those we have annoyed with our indulgence;
  • We did it with the support of our colleagues and friends who undertook the “risk” of entrusting us the Conference;
  • However, what’s most important is that we wanted to show that a small authority, from a small country, with lots of problems, confined in self-isolation for decades, could make it, because of its insatiable desire for progress.
  • Finally add here the history, the hospitality of this country, as well as its big-hearted people: what’s not to love about them!?

I hope that this Conference that took place in Tirana will be long remembered for the efforts and love put on, to make an impossible mission, possible.

I wish the best of luck to the future editions of this Conference, and to all of you who honored us with your presence in Tirana.