In the frame of the “Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Albania and EUROJUST”, as inscribed in the joint activities for the implementation of the “Action Plan” between the General Prosecution and the Commissioner’s Office, a training session intended for Data Protection Contact Persons (Data Protection Officers-DPOs) was held, gathering prosecution offices representatives from all levels.

In this training was dealt with the Law No. 9887/2008 “On Personal Data Protection” and the Commissioner’s Instruction No. 47/2018 “On the establishment of rules for upholding the security of personal data processed by large processing entities”. Participants were introduced with the principles of data protection (lawfulness, adequacy, accuracy, storage limitations, etc.); the rights of data subjects; the data controller’s obligations, in particular data security and confidentiality; the obligations of the DPO along the process; and specific examples based on the Prosecution Regulation were also provided. Contact Persons occupy a substantial role within the prosecution body, owing to the fact that they supervise the implementation of the data protection legislation, they assesses risks related to potential violations of individual’s rights, and maintain continuous liaison with the Office of the Commissioner.

The “Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Albania and EUROJUST” is ratified by the Assembly with the Law No. 113/2018. Pursuant to this agreement, both the Prosecutor General and the Commissioner signed an “Action Plan” dated 25 February 2019, which stipulates among others the appointment of a Contact Person (DPO) within the General Prosecution Office and all the different prosecution levels. Such cooperation between the parties is expected to advance in the future.