The protection of personal data in the frame of information exchange for the purposes of the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences constitutes one of the main pillars of the “Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Albania and EUROJUST”, ratified by the Assembly by Law No. 113/2018. The Albanian implementation party to this Agreement is the General Prosecution Office, and in fulfilment of the relevant data protection obligations, Mrs. Arta Marku and the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi signed an “Action Plan”.

These institutions will set up a working party in order to assess the processing of personal data within the activity of the prosecution, both at central and local level, as well as to address issues arising from this process. The Commissioner’s Office engages to assist the prosecution body in implementing higher standards with regard to the technical and organisational measures ensuring data security. Moreover, parties shall cooperate in aligning the Personal Data Protection Regulation of the General Prosecution Office with the relevant obligations emanating from the Agreement with EUROJUST.

Another key provision of the “Action Plan” is the establishment of the “Register of communication between the General Prosecution Office and EUROJUST”. This document lays down a mechanism to ensure, in accordance with national and international law in this area, the rights of citizens in the framework of the activity of the prosecution body. It further stipulates specific deadlines for the implementation of these measures.

“Action Plan” document