On the 28 of January – Data Protection Day, the Commissioner’s Office unveiled its initiative “Play and Learn – Happy Onlife”. A festive event was held at the premises of the 9-years school “Kosova”, gathering teachers and pupils who have already been introduced with this initiative supported and co-ordinated by the Education Directorate of Tirana.

In his opening note, the Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi highlighted the importance of this day in educating young generations on the protection of privacy and personal data, with particular regard to the usage of the digital landscape.

Other interventions followed by the invited guests: Mrs. Vasilika Hysi, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Olsi Dekovi, Deputy Head of the CoE Office in Tirana, Mr. Claudio Pala, representative of the OSCE Presence and Mr. Aurelian Juliard, representative of the EU Delegation.

Then, several groups of pupils from each school participating in this initiative, including “Kosova” “E Kuqe”, “Jeronim de Rada”, “Edith Durham”, “Emin Duraku” and “Dora D’Istria”, played the game. The latter is a toolkit developed by the EU Joint Research Centre, intended for children between 8 and 14 years. Happy Onlife aims at raising awareness of the risks and educating for effective protection against bullyism, unwanted online communications, or the identity theft especially in social networks. Latest studies indicate that in Albania and around the world, youngsters are increasingly using digital technologies, hence increasingly exposed to internet related risks.

Since 2006, January 28th is celebrated by the Council of Europe as the “Data Protection Day”, whereas worldwide it is known as “Privacy Day”.