The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner in co-operation with “Epoka” University held a training under the theme “Information and Privacy”, attended by over 60 students and academic as well as administrative staff of the University. The event was organized in the frame of January 28th – the International Data Protection Day.

In his note, the Commissioner Mr. Besnik Dervishi highlighted the relevance of the consolidated co-operation with the institutions of higher education in promoting the awareness on the legal framework, as well as on educating our society in upholding civic rights. On behalf of “Epoka” University intervened the Chair of Law Department, Mr. Nituon Mulleti.

The training session provided an insight on the Albanian legislation on personal data protection and the activity and competences of the Office of the Commissioner. Concurrently, the training module introduced the innovations brought about by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, it elaborated the obligations of “data controllers” operating in the sector of higher education (both public and private) and the relevant practices of the Commissioner’s Office. Particular attention was given to the protection of personal data vis-à-vis the deployment of vide-surveillance systems (CCTV), to the right of “data subjects” and the obligations of the “controllers”. The last part of the training provided an insight of the legislation on the right to information, the role and functions of the co-ordinator, the transparency programmes for Public Authorities and the practical cases from the activity of the Commissioner’s Office. Finally, attendees were introduced with the issues relating to data protection in social networks and artificial intelligence.