“Play and learn – Happy Onlife” is the latest initiative of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner’s Office aimed at raising the awareness of children and young people for a safe use of digital environment. In co-operation and co-ordination with the Education Directorate of Tirana, this interactive game intended for the group age 8-14, is being promoted at six 9-year schools of the capital.

In 2015, the “Happy Onlife” game was launched by the European Union Joint Research Centre’s section in Ispra, Italy. Recent studies show that younger age groups are increasingly using digital technologies; therefore they are more exposed to online threats. The purpose of this game is the effective protection of privacy and personal data through the exchange and critical thinking of knowledge on digital environment. It points at raising awareness among children and young people, with special focus on the parents and the teachers, in preventing negative phenomena such as bullying, identity theft or unwanted communications.