The Commission for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights of the Albanian Assembly conducted at the premises of the Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner, an information and monitoring meeting with focus on the activity of our institution over January-December 2018. The delegation was headed by the Chair of this Commission, Mr. Ulsi Manja and comprised several other members, including Mrs. Vasilika Hysi – also Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Ms. Flotilla Bushka, Mr. Bashkim Fino, Mr. Bledi Çuçi, Mr. Alket Hyseni, Mr. Edmond Leka and Mr. Jurgis Çyrbja.

As per the agenda, the Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi informed the MPs on the role of authority as an independent institution, in charge with the supervision and monitoring of regulatory acts, such as the Law “On the right to information” and the Law “On personal data protection”. The delegation was further introduced with the administrative auditing and investigation activities with reference to the compliance with the right to information and the right to the protection of personal data; the inspections conducted ex-officio by the Commissioner’s Office with relevance to the process of collection/processing of personal data by large public and private controllers, as well as on the current situation of transparency of Public Authorities, with particular focus on Ministries and Central Government bodies. The Commissioner and his staff answered several questions addressed by the MPs on a range of issues pertaining to the right to information and the right to the protection of personal data, as well as to the main challenges ahead for the improvement of legal standards in upholding fundamental rights and freedoms.

The final remarks were made by Mr. Manja, the Chair of the Commission, who praised the work accomplished so far by the Commissioner’s Office, and reconfirmed the Commission’s fullest support in the future. He furthermore reassured the IDP Commissioner’s Office of their support in organizing a successful 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (to be held in Tirana on 21-24 October 2019).