In the frame of the International Competition Day, the Competition Authority organized a forum entitled “Competition and Business” hosted by Ms. Juliana Latifi, Chairwoman of this institution, who addressed the opening remarks along with the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Gramoz Ruçi.

The event featured two sessions under the themes “The role of Regulatory Entities for free and effective market competition and the co-operation with the Competition Authority” and “Competition and Business” – a necessary dichotomy and the relevant issues regarding competition”.

On the first session, the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Besnik Dervishi delivered a presentation discussing the interplay of privacy with the evolution of technology and the data protection reform in the EU. This session also included presentations from the Chairman of the Steering Board of Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, Mr. Ilir Zela and the Chairman of the Steering Board of Energy Regulator Authority, Mr. Petrit Ahmeti.