The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner and the OSCE Presence in Albania concluded the regional trainings project with a workshop held in Kukës under the title “Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data: insight into the obligations of respective laws”. The activity gathered representatives of central institutions at local level, local self-government bodies, justice system, police, Medias, etc.

In his note, Mr. Besnik Dervishi highlighted the fact that striking the right balance between the right to information and personal data protection constitutes one of the main exercises of the activity of Public Authorities. “These two rights are developing rapidly and intensely, becoming increasingly important in our daily activities. The Office of the Commissioner has embraced the best European practices and experiences in order to protect the privacy of individuals even when providing information on official documents” – argued the Commissioner.

In his address, Mr. Claudio Pala, representative of the OSCE Presence in Albania, laid some stress upon the fact that “the legislation on personal data protection cannot be properly complied with without the co-operation of state institutions and other public or private entities”. The District Prefect, Mr. Zenel Kuçana intervened as well at the workshop.

Subsequently, the event focused on the presentation of the key obligations according to the Law 9887/2008 “On the protection of personal data” and the Law 119/2014 “On the right to information”. Special emphasis was laid on the Model Transparency Programmes intended for local self-government, as adopted in September 2018. The meeting aimed at providing proper guidance to Public Authorities through the presentation of practical cases.