The Office of Information and Data Protection organized a training event upon invitation of the secondary private school “Turgut Ozal”. This event gathered teachers and administrative staff and dealt with the Law “On Personal Data Protection”, the Law “On Additional Public Security Measures” and the bylaws adopted by the Commissioner.

The Director of Data Protection Department, Ms. Pjerina Gaxha introduced in her presentation the key principles of data protection, the competences of the Authority, as well as few practical cases from the activity of the Commissioner’s Office in the field. She provided more details on the rights of “data subjects” – the right of access, rectification, blocking or erasure, as well on the responsibilities of “controllers” for transparent, accountable, secure data collection/processing. Special consideration was assigned to the process of “notification”, drafting of data protection “regulations”, and the role and functions of “data protection officers”. Furthermore, referring to the nature of the education sector, special emphasis was placed on the compliance with the requirements of the Law “On Additional Public Security Measures” and the relevant implementing bylaw of the Commissioner. The presentation dealt with the subjects concerned by this law, their obligations in the capacity of “controller”, as well as the different type of security measures from technical perspective.