The Croatian Information Commissioner organized a conference under the theme “15 years of Information Rights”. The Office of Information and Data protection Commissioner of Albania was invited to participate in this event.

The Director of the Department of the Right to Information, Mrs Ardita Shehaj introduced the Albanian experience in this domain with a presentation entitled: “Strengthening Transparency through Co-operation with Civic Organisations”. Mrs Shehaj informed attendees on the activities of the Commissioner’s Office relating to the enforcement of the Law 119/2014 “On the Right to Information” and highlighted the contribution of NGOs in the promotion and exercise of this fundamental human right. Additionally, she presented the Portal “” (ask the State) as a mechanism for promoting the transparency of public bodies. By mean of this portal, it is possible to conduct online the entire information application proceedings.

The event gathered representatives and speakers from counterpart Authorities of Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, civic organisations, academia, Media, etc.