The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner held today an event on the occasion of its 10 years of establishment. In March 2018, the Assembly of the Republic of Albania adopted the Law No. 9887 “On the protection of personal data”, which established an independent institution responsible for guaranteeing the constitutional right for the protection of personal data. In September 2014, the Assembly adopted the Law No. 119/2014 “On the right to information”, thereby expanding the powers of this Authority.

In his speech, M. Besnik Dervishi made a description of the journey of the Commissioner’s Office, highlighting the challenges and achievements over these 10 years of activity. The ceremony was addressed by special invited guests namely the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mrs. Vasilika Hysi, The Head of Albania Council of Europe Office M. Claus Neukirch, Deputy Head of OSCE Presence in Albania M. Robert Wilton, the former Commissioner for Personal Data Protection Mrs. Flora Çabej (Pogaçe), representative of the Open Society Foundation for Albania Ms. Ersida Sefa as well as Ms. Eralda Methasani (Çani) representative of academia.

Many other important guests attended the ceremony including Mrs. Erinda Ballanca, People’s Advocate; Mrs. Genta Tafa (Bungo), Chairman of the Independent Qualification Commission; Mrs. Natasha Mulaj, Chair of the Special Qualification College; Mrs. Juliana Latifi, Chairman of the Competition Authority; Mrs. Gentiana Sula, Head of the Information Authority on Former State Security Files; Mrs. Pranvera Strakosha, Commissioner for Civil Service Oversight; Mrs. Irma Baraku, Commissioner for the Protection from Discrimination; as well as representatives of central, independent institutions and the justice system; the foreign missions in Albania; civil society; private sector; media, etc.

The event hosted the signing of a Co-operation Agreement between the People’s Advocate and the Office of the Commissioner, the focal point of the activities of both these institutions being the promotion and protection of the effective enjoyment and full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms. This agreement which has been additionally assigned by the Assembly of Albania enables better co-ordination of respective activities with special focus on the field of the right to information. Furthermore, the agreement provides for co-operation in implementing joint projects and exchange of experiences and best practices.

Video of the 10 years of activities of the Commissioner’s Office