The European Conference of Data Protection Authorities adopted the Resolution on the modernization of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Convention 108), in order to encourage signatory countries to finalize this modernization Convention 108 as soon as possible. This Convention, which is also acceded by Albania, is the document determining clear legal obligations in the field of personal data protection in Europe.

Assembled in Cyprus, on 27-28 April 2017, under the slogan “New horizons”, the national authorities, observers and accredited organizations discussed on developments and crucial issues regarding data protection and privacy. The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, on May 2018 in EU Member Countries opens a large perspective for higher standards in this regard. Currently, work is focused on drafting guidelines in order to address issues for a unified implementation of the GDPR. Particular emphasizes was attached to the process of public information regarding this document and the awareness of citizen in connection with their rights.

Another prerogative of this Conference was the addressing of issues relating to transparency and accountability by Cloud service providers, in view of the massive use of internet and the rapid technological developments in this sector. Participants shared their experience and best practices for efficient monitoring and access in trans-border data flows. The Conference called on the strengthening of safeguards in the use of sensitive data (genetic/AND) with special focus on their exploitation by law enforcement agencies. Members of the European Conference adopted the proposed amendments of their Accreditation Rules of Procedure in order to increase the importance of this forum as a landmark in handling privacy related issues.

The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner, in the quality of host of the 2018th edition of Spring Conference, held a presentation and introduced participants with its future organization arrangements. Considering that this event is being held for the first time in our country, its represents a unique opportunity for both Albanians and our Authority, as well as for the whole region of the Western Balkans in addressing data protection field as an objective integration example.

European Conference of Data Protection Authorities – Albania 2018