A cooperation agreement was signed today between the Information Authority on Sigurimi Files and the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, by the chairs of both institutions, respectively Ms. Gentiana Sula and Mr. Besnik Dervishi.

This agreement represents an instrument for greater transparency and the model of an open and democratic society, where human rights and freedoms establish its solid foundation. The Commissioner’s Office remains committed in sharing its know-how and best practices in terms of personal data protection, whilst the newly established Information Authority on Sigurimi Files guarantees that this process shall be carried on in full observation of individuals’ privacy, without prejudice to public interests at stake.

Ms. Sula, the Chair of the Authority stated that “this agreement shall provide for the utmost standards in course of the information process regarding Sigurimi Files, due to its high expectations and sensitivity”, while Mr. Dervishi stressed that “the legislation in force, regulating the extent of powers of both institutions, guarantees complete supervision of the enforcement of individual’s rights in a developing democratic society”.

In addition, the agreement anticipates rendering of opinions regarding draft laws and by-laws; information sharing according to relevant activities of our institutions; joint activities or drawing up and exchange of publications. An important feature of this agreement is the transparency programme of the Information Authority on Sigurimi Files due to its unique status. The Office of the Commissioner shall assist its draft. This agreement promotes an inclusive approach with regard to the enforcement of citizens’ rights.