On 30 October 2014 the Albanian Assembly approved in its final parliamentary session the Law No. 146/2014 “On notification and public consultation.”
The law has as its object the regulation of relations arising in a public consultation process, transparent, comprehensive, timely and effective conducted among central and local public authorities and stakeholders in the decision making process of bylaws as draft-laws, national and local strategic documents, as well as policies with high public interest.

The Article 21 of the Law “On notification and public consultation” has provided the appeal to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner if interested parties estimate that the public body has breached their right for notification and public consultation under the provisions of paragraph 1, Article 6, and when the deadlines laid down in Articles 15 and 17 of this Law are not met.
The Information and Data Protection Commissioner, upon reception of a complaint, ask the complainant and the public body against whom the charge is reached to submit written claims within 10 days. When the Commissioner deems appropriate organizes a public hearing with the participation of the parties.

At the end of the examination, the Commissioner, when he resolves that there are infringements of the provisions of this law, proposes the responsible public body to undertake administrative measures against the responsible person/s, according to civil service legislation in force.

This Law shall enter into force three months after its publishing in the “Official Gazette”