With the initiative of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in Berlin, a two-day workshop took place with focus to exchanging of ideas and best practices to establish unified standards related to freedom of information. European and German experts addressed various legislative approaches on freedom of information at this workshop, in the comparative context. Meanwhile, the working groups addressed through concrete cases the opportunity to improve practices in providing information to citizens, civil societies associations, and by encouraging the investigative journalism.

The Commissioner’s Office introduced the Albanian experience and innovations provided by the law “On the right to information”, regarding the change of mentality and culture of public administration. Over the two years of its application, various issues were encountered, and all public bodies were fully committed to deal with. The role and the work so far of the Commissioner’s Office was considered by the counterpart authorities present in this workshop also as part of the European integration process of the country.

Many European states, through years, possess high standards on freedom of information and supervision institutions that guarantee the implementation of this right. The participants agreed on drafting a Resolution, which shall welcome all national institutional stakeholders to engage more budget funds and human resources in order to effectively implement this right. Simultaneously, parliaments and governments, where regulatory acts are nonexistent should approve the respective legislation. A democratic society where the law is applicable must have the right to information and transparency of public authorities.